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3d rendered medical illustration – aneurysm

Aneurysms occur when the blood vessel wall weakens, causing it to bulge or widen abnormally. They can grow undetected over time, and are a significant health risk because they can rupture without warning. A ruptured aneurysm can cause severe internal bleeding, which can lead to shock or even death. Aneurysms can develop anywhere in the body, however, they’re most commonly found in the aorta, brain, and legs.

What Causes an Aneurysm?

The root cause of an aneurysm is unknown, however, there are several risk factors that can contribute to the condition:

  • Family History of Aneurysms – If a family member has suffered from an aneurysm, it is much more likely that you could develop one as well
  • High cholesterol – Plaque deposits on the artery walls from high cholesterol create blockages, which can cause stress and damage to the arteries
  • Age and Gender – Men are more likely to have an aneurysm than women, and anyone over 60 is at a higher risk
  • Obesity and Pregnancy – Pressure on the vessels from excess weight can cause weakening and damage to the arteries
  • Smoking – Smoking constricts blood flow, causing circulatory issues

How Are Aneurysms Treated?

At Southern Vascular Clinic, Dr. Ghanami performs two types of surgical repairs:

Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR):

A newer, minimally invasive treatment option for abdominal aneurysm repair, involving only two small groin punctures or incisions. A stent is placed within the abdominal aortic aneurysm to prevent further growth and potential rupture. This represents a huge advancement in care over previous abdominal aneurysm treatments.

Open Surgical Aneurysm Repair:

When more complex aneurysms are not suitable for endovascular repair, a more traditional open surgical intervention may be needed. An incision is made along the abdomen to internally repair the artery by removing the aneurysm and grafting a tube in it’s place.

Not all patients are suitable for these procedures, so we base your treatment options on your specific condition and associated health risks. Dr. Ghanami and the Southern Vascular team will review your case individually, including conferring with other industry professionals, in order to provide the most appropriate, effective plan of care for your condition.