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About Southern Vascular Clinic

Southern Vascular Clinic was established in 2015 by Dr. “Joe” Ghanami and his team. Our mission is to deliver excellent vascular care that is both compassionate and efficient. This means that when you choose us to treat your vascular needs, we will strive to provide you with reliable recommendations, and safe, minimally invasive procedures.

The entire Southern Vascular patient care staff are experienced in the vascular surgery field. They are armed with the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best care possible. Not only that, but the entire staff is from the Acadiana region, so they are intimately familiar with the culture and varying population of the people and areas they serve.

We want our patients to feel that they have had a meaningful experience when they visit. Our vascular ultrasound team, nursing staff, and support staff are amazing, interesting people who love their work, have extensive experience in vascular surgery, and love to spend time with people. Our patients are important to us, and we work to connect with you on a personal level so that you feel genuinely cared for. We treat every patient experience as valuable, and with this comes a deep respect for whatever situation you, the patient, are dealing with.

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The Best Choice for Your Care

Dr. Ghanami is Board Certified and fellowship trained in Vascular Surgery, and his work in vascular research has been published several times. Our patient care staff all have experience specific to vascular surgery, and our office boasts outstanding procedural facilities to provide you with superior results. Increased technology and advancements in the industry have provided new opportunities for minimally invasive procedures, meaning that overcoming the symptoms of vascular related problems are far more obtainable, safe, and convenient than they have ever been.

At Southern Vascular Clinic, we feel that doing the little things right is what sets us apart from other practices. We do the right things for the right reason, and believe that if we hold true to this philosophy, we will continue to serve the Lafayette and Southern Louisiana region for many years to come.

The right care starts with Dr. Ghanami and the Southern Vascular team, as we focus on providing the optimal procedures to improve symptoms, while helping to prevent further complications associated with the disease process. Call us today at 337-534-4444 to schedule your complimentary vein or arterial care consultation.